A downloadable game for Windows


    • Nick Boen
    • Christopher Piggott

For those interested in the development side of this the check out the Github repository!

A platformer we made that took 2nd place for the 2015 Chillennium Game Jam hosted by Texas A&M with a theme of "Glitch". We tried to take the theme in a bit of a different direction by exploring it's definition. We discovered a genre of music called "Glitch Hop" that we didn't know about. This genre uses glitch-based audio to create music with the idea of an "aesthetic of failure". So we decided to go with something similar. The idea is that the player must fail in order to succeed and so we tried to infuse that idea in our game the best we could in 48 hours.

Install instructions

Minimum Requirements (as far as I know):

  • .NET Framework 4.X
  • DirectX 11

We made this game in Monogame and have never had the opportunity to test it on Mac and Linux machines, but it should work with the requirements above on a Windows machine. The game will come in a .zip. All you need to do is unzip that and run the setup.exe file to install (unfortunately getting a .exe from Monogame takes a bit more work and I'm not sure how to do it)


Glitch - Aesthetic of Failure.zip 33 MB


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I thought the title was Gluten lol